Next5 Acquired by Cyber Intelligence Firm LookingGlass Cyber,
Appoints Bryan Ware as CEO

We are excited to announce that LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has acquired Next5 and appointed our founder Bryan Ware as CEO. We look forward to joining forces with LookingGlass to advance their products, support their growing clientele, and protect the nation from persistent cyber threats. As a subsidiary of LookingGlass, Next5 will maintain its brand and mission to advance U.S. technology leadership while delivering our signature intelligence products and supporting our customers.

We established Next5 to evaluate risk to leading technology companies and advise them on how best to navigate evolving threats and opportunities, particularly when it comes to today’s heightened geopolitical competition. Next5 launched as the world was learning of the so-called SolarWinds cyber campaign that targeted government and tech industry partners across the United States. The events that unfolded highlighted today’s unprecedented interconnectedness of the government and private industry, particularly in the technology sector. Shared infrastructure and values have made organizations in both Silicon Valley and Washington DC valid targets in the eye of American adversaries. And as countries and companies compete for technological supremacy, policymakers, investors, and engineers share both risk and opportunity. At Next5, we have made it our mission to provide advice and build partnerships between all the moving parts that give America a technological edge. To date, Next5 has hosted over 200 executives from around the world in government and industry to ensure Western leadership in the technologies of the future and ensure our national security and resilience.

By joining LookingGlass, Next5 has an opportunity to expand beyond our advisory services and operate alongside our partners again. LookingGlass offers innovative technology products and has a proven history of supporting critical cyber missions, including across the U.S. government and alongside other organizations on the frontlines of protecting national and economic security. We are excited for the opportunity to make a more direct impact on these missions as the nation prepares for another election, endures persistent low-level cyber conflict, and competes with autocratic adversaries for technological supremacy. As Russia consumes the headlines and endures heavy sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine, it remains a highly sophisticated cyber threat. Also of concern is China, which remains the greatest threat to the U.S. as not only a sophisticated cyber actor, but an economic rival, military adversary, supply chain choke point, and technological competitor. We cannot imagine a better opportunity to monitor, thwart, and defend against these threats than joining forces with a leading cyber company in support of our nation’s frontline defenders and operators.

Thank you to all of our customers, partners, and supporters.  Stay tuned for what’s Next!

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